Parenteen is a device & app that encourages responsible, safe teen driving.

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Do You Want to Know How & Where Your Teen is Driving?

Parenteen is a tool for teaching and encouraging responsible, safe driving. Parents no longer need to wonder where their child is or if they are practicing the driving skills they have been taught at home and school; with Parenteen, parents are virtual co-pilots who can guide their children to becoming good, confident drivers.

  • Subscription Required
  • Works with iOS & Android
  • Vehicles 1996+


What Does Parenteen Do?


Distracted Driving

Discourage mobile phone use while driving, this includes texting, talking or surfing

Real-Time Location

Always know when and where your teen is driving & access this information anywhere, anytime

Speed Alerts

Compare your teen’s speed with posted speed limits. Set alerts when the car exceeds predefined limits

Trip Reports

Get a detailed view of your teen’s travel history and driver behavior alerts

Travel Boundaries

Designate safe zones, like work or school, where your teen may drive and receive alerts when they arrive or depart

Driver Behavior

Hard braking, rapid acceleration events – evaluate your teens driving behavior even when you’re not present


Get Live alerts and notifications as they happen – Push, Email, or Text.
Plus so much more!

Take a look at the app… We’ll always be updating Parenteen with new and improved features and functions.

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The Rundown

This is the little device that plugs into your vehicle. It’s completely wireless, no cords or other hardware needed. Access all these amazing features this device has to offer by downloading the Parenteen app.

Parenteen plugs into a universal OBD-II data port, usually located under the steering wheel of most vehicles. It’s the same port your mechanic uses when you take your car in for service. Parenteen works with cars – years 1996 or newer.

Parenteen was built for iOS and Android. Download the app and access real-time teen location / vehicle information from anywhere in the world.

Parenteen is a cellular connected product and always provides real-time, as it happens, information. Upon activation, a monthly or yearly service fee will apply.

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Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your teen is driving responsibly.